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what's new, pussycat?

 "...headache... bad... send aspirin."
 - Colonel Jack O'Neill, Tangent


4th February 2007

Yeah, okay, a year between updates, I'm rubbish. But look, I have finally updated! And with a year's worth of stories! Two Life On Mars, four Doctor Who, five Harry Potter, one Supernatural, two X-Files and two crossover stories.  

29th January 2006

Whew. Big update. I've got lots of new stuff up. Eight new Doctor Who stories, two SG-1/SGA stories, two crossovers, one Battlestar Galactica and one Firefly fic. Happy new year to all, by the way.

4th November 2005

Again, sorry about the long gap! (Not as long as last time, is my defence.) All I'm giving you this time is Doctor Who, HP and BtVS/Angel recs.

16th August 2005

One Doctor Who fic, Scratch, a Harry Potter fic, The Wolf At The Door, a crossover fic, Who Watches The Watchers,  and Harry Potter, Buffy, Doctor Who and SG-1 recs.

1st August 2005

It's been absolute ages since an update and I apologise. I've revamped the site quite a bit, with a new banner image and some general neatening-up of the pages, and added a whole load of fic.

-Firstly, a new Doctor Who section, with five fics: it would seem the new series really caught my imagination.

-Three Pegasus B SG-1/Atlantis fics - Walking Barefoot to Palestine, Killing The Cat and Love Story.

-And one Buffyverse fic, In Blue.

Also, a bunch of Doctor Who recs.

8th January 2005

Two fics added - one Buffy (Rest At Last) and one BtVS/Angel (Morningstar).

28th December 2004

There are recs. Lots of nice new HP and Buffy recs.

Also, there is one Harry Potter fic (The Concussed Adventures of Holly Golightly) two Buffy fics (Sing For Absolution, Safe) and one Buffy/Thursday Next crossover (The Net Result).

And three Buffy drabbles. One might say I've been busy. And a belated Merry Christmas and New Year to all.

10th October 2004

Sorry for the huge gap between updates, I've had very little time lately. Anyway, Am-Chau has got me into a new fandom, and correspondingly, I now have a section for Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

There are three new fics-
The Sleepwalker; or, Like Dead Flowers
Turning Tricks

-and one drabble. There should be another update in a week or so, with (hopefully) Harry Potter fic and multi-fandom recs.

26th June 2004

One new story - Love Is Not Love (Harry Potter). It's het. All flee.

Also, five commentaries:
Love Is Not Love - Harry Potter
Making Moony Laugh - Harry Potter
Easter - Good Omens
Chemistry - M*A*S*H
Homecoming - M*A*S*H

11th June 2004

Two new stories - Footprints (Stargate) and Paragons (Harry Potter).

Sixteen Harry Potter drabbles, five M*A*S*H drabbles, and one Stargate drabble.

And, a recs page! Lots and lots of multifandom recs.

1st June 2004

Sleeping With Ghosts is live.