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buffy and angel fiction
the night is still our time

"Giles at sixteen? Less Together Guy, more Bad-Magic-Hates-the-World-Ticking-Time-Bomb guy."
-Buffy Summers, Band Candy

Witchcraft is not a metaphor for sapphic love. And an ex-public schoolboy with an earring in one ear couldn't be anything else other than straighter than a very straight thing. Really.

In Blue - R, slash, Giles/Ethan
Midsummer melancholy.

Morningstar - PG, gen, Tara, Doyle
On the road to Sunnydale, Tara meets a guardian angel.

Rest At Last - PG, gen
Buffy is thoughtful, Giles is drinking, and there's snow.

Sing For Absolution - R, slash, Giles(Ripper)/Ethan, Willow/Tara
Willow and Giles and lovers past, that summer in England. 

Safe - PG-13, slash, Giles/Ethan
Morning in London.

The Net Result - PG, gen, crossover (Thursday Next)
A man named Spike visits Giles.

Turning Tricks - R, slash, Ripper/Ethan 
A sorcerer, a rose, and the vampire Ripper; or, Ethan gets shades of Anne Rice.

Heart - PG, gen, Xander
Xander knows the plural of apocalypse.

The Sleepwalker; or, Like Dead Flowers - R, slash, Ripper/Ethan
Ripper leads the way down into the dark places. Ethan follows.