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harry potter fiction
something wicked this way comes

"...pulled him to his feet so that Crookshanks
fell to the floor, and embraced Black like a brother."

-Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Not a lot of my stories feature the boy wizard himself. His godfather and his godfather's werewolf, on the other hand...

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds - R, Sirius/Remus, Remus/Tonks.
A story about how Tonks grows up.

Love In Fire And In Blood - PG-13, James/Lily, Sirius/Remus.
In which James and Lily get married, Sirius gets maudlin, Remus gets put-upon and everyone gets pissed.

Twenty Random Things About Sirius and Remus - PG-13, slash, Sirius/Remus.

Clinical Lycanthropy - PG, gen, AU.
To Tonks, he doesn't sound insane.

Shelter From The Storm - PG, slash, Doctor/Remus.
The first time for Remus is not the first time for the Doctor. (crossover with Doctor Who)

Defence Against The Dark - PG, het, Remus/Tonks.
Summer in Oxford.

The Wolf At The Door - PG-13, gen. 
Four things that never happened to Remus Lupin on his seventeenth birthday, and one that did.

The Concussed Adventures of Holly Golightly - G, gen, humour.
Remus is having a worse day than usual.

Love Is Not Love - R, het [read with commentary]
On the longest day of the year, Hermione meets Remus Lupin in a pub. They are both suffering from midsummer madness. A slow-burning story.

Paragons - PG-13, humour, het, James/Lily
James likes Lily. Maybe not as much as he likes Quidditch. She might like him, too - but unfortunately, Sirius, Remus and Peter have got it in their heads to be helpful. The Slytherins are less than amused by proceedings. Complications ensue.

Hunter's Moon - PG-13, Sirius/Remus pre-slash
 It's cold, wet and miserable, and the Death Eaters are roaming. Lily is fiercely maternal, James keeps tripping over things, and Sirius and Remus are... are friends.

A Sequence of Ghosts - R, Sirius/Remus
One dark night, something surprising comes through James's window. From there on in, Sirius and Remus love each other, abuse each other and lose each other. Two wars, two letters, and fear and loathing in Camden Market.

Making Moony Laugh - PG-13, Sirius/Remus [read with commentary]
Fred and George discover who Moony and Padfoot really are. Then, over the long hot summer at Grimmauld Place, they discover who Moony and Padfoot are to each other.

Special Needs - PG-13, Sirius/Remus, Hermione
Sirius is dead, Hermione is growing up, Harry is being treated like glass and Remus Lupin is fading away.
Sequel to Making Moony Laugh.

Green Fingers - G, gen, humour
In which Dumbledore is helpful, Snape throws things, Sirius discovers hidden talents and Remus Has Doubts. Just another day for the Order of the Phoenix.

Glitter - PG, Sirius/Remus
In which Sirius wreaks glittery revenge on his Moony, and Harry is unexpectedly observant.

Monkshood - PG-13, Snape
Snape has a new resarch project. It's pure science, but elements of humanity keep getting in the way.

Long Night Moon - G, gen
"T'was the night before Christmas..." A look at the life of Remus Lupin during his twelve lost years.

Strays - PG, pre-slash.
Snape has had enough. The war is over and Lupin will never come back.

Minimal Grounds For Disaster - PG-13, het, crossover (Harry Potter/Discworld)
Remus Lupin is having a bad day. He's a werewolf, a wizard, and he's just been arrested by the Ankh-Morpork City Watch. Things can only get worse.

A Most Unusual Family - R, slash, crossover (Harry Potter/Discworld)
Co-written with Am-Chau. Being a Fanfic of most Wonderous and Strange kind ; in which may be Found a Tale of such High Adventures as are Fitting and Proper to Wizards, Wizzards, and Witches.