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stargate sg-1 fiction
a million years into the sky

"It's not door to heaven. It is... Stargate."
- Daniel Jackson, Stargate

It's a wormhole whose vortex forms a matter stream that fluctuates into another dimension that is a purely mathematical concept at the same time as being completely real and therefore...
...ah, forget it. It's a big ring. Like a doughnut.

Footprints - G, gen
Sam follows footprints along the beach. For Am-Chau.

Nothing Left To Lose - PG, gen, AU
Sam meets a stranger at an airport.

Coming Into Being - PG, gen.
On a nice, peaceful planet, SG-1 undergo a certain transformation. Daniel is passive-aggressive, Sam is angry, and Jack is surprisingly cheerful given the circumstances. Everyone else is stressed.

Cold Coffee - PG-13, UST.
Honourable mention in 2002 Stargate SG-1 Awards. Late at night at the SGC, Sam and Daniel kick back, drink coffee and discuss ways to annoy their commanding officer.

Harsh Reality - G, gen
Alternate reality theory; or Daniel annoys SG-1 in the commissary.

Unexpected - PG-13, pre-slash
SG-1 watch Star Trek, eat pizza, play mind games and generally kill time before a mission.

Wormhole Tales - PG, gen
A look behind the scenes of that well-known sci-fi television series, Wormhole X-treme!

Dying Of The Light - R, gen
Long AU. Anubis has attacked Earth and triumphed, and the first world has become the prize of the Goa'uld. But in the rubble, the rebellion has begun. A look at SG-1 after the apocalypse, and what it takes to win back a world.

Conversation - PG, gen.
Originally written for Hathor. Daniel and Jack are bored. Somehow related to A Most Unusual Family.

Surreal - PG-13, gen, crossover (Stargate SG-1/M*A*S*H)
Incredibly silly snippet, written for Sarah, who wanted SG-1 to end up at the 4077th.

Out Of Africa - PG, gen, crossover (Doctor Who)
Daniel and the Doctor.

Pegasus B - these three stories are written as part of salieri's PegB universe, in which Daniel and Jack never joined the Stargate Programme until the expedition to Atlantis.

Walking Barefoot To Palestine - PG, Daniel/Rodney backstory
Postcards from Egypt. 

Love Story - R, Daniel/Rodney backstory
One day in Daniel's life in Oxford, complete with snow.

Killing The Cat - PG, humour
Back on the home front, all is not well.

Freshers' Week - PG, gen backstory.
General misanthropy.

Monsoon - PG, Daniel/Rodney backstory
Daniel and Rodney in India.