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stargate sg-1 drabbles
that whole saving-the-world thing

"Daniel! Shoes!"
- Colonel Jack O'Neill, Maternal Instinct

Sadly, only one drabble on this page!

Challenge #50 - "We were explorers once."

Reading, Writing and Stargate Travel

Below cloudless skies, Daniel is sitting on a bench in United Nations territory, New York. He is watching a child.

The child has blonde, overlong hair under a soft hood, and is moving silently towards the DHD. Small hands brush over the symbols, marvelling at the weight and age of them; then the red crystal, and Daniel remembers it will be warm to the touch. He smiles.

Sam lays a hand on his shoulder. “We were the explorers, once,” she murmurs.

Above them, the Stargate whooshes into life, and the child laughs.

So does Daniel. “And now the whole world are.”

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