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doctor who fiction
walking in eternity

"A cosmos without the Doctor scarcely bears thinking about."
-The Master, The Five Doctors

A disaffected Time Lord, a time-travelling police box, lots of companions, jelly babies, scarves, cricketing whites, vampires, carnivorous plants, giant spiders, zombies, homicidal robots, and really big headdresses. There is no need for other fandoms.

As well as the ordinary Doctor Who fics on this page, I also have quite a few fics about an original creation of mine, girl!Doctor. (For more details, and more fic, see girl_doctor.) These are the fics featuring her, in (approximately) chronological order:

Bohemian Rose - PG, femmeslash
Rose has a date. Surprisingly, it's going well.

The Cat - PG, gen, humour.
The Doctor wakes up.

Scratch - R, drama, femmeslash. 
"...draped over the console as if it belonged to her, she was eloquent, indefinably attractive, and, well,
alien. Just like the Doctor, only the Doctor wasn't a woman." On a planet with six suns, Rose gets used to it.

Dancing For Beginners - PG, gen, humour.
The Doctor and Jack learn something.

Insomnia - PG-13, gen.
Saving the world, one person at a time.

The ordinary, canon-based fics (though they do say DW canon is what you make it):

Interlude - G, gen.
The Doctor and Rose, one sleepless night.

Shelter From The Storm - PG, slash, Doctor/Remus.
The first time for Remus is not the first time for the Doctor. (crossover with HP)

Dull Day In August - G, het, Doctor/Romana II.
A brief adventure on Southport Pier.

Go Forward In All Your Beliefs - PG-13, gen.
The Doctor is searching for something, or someone.

Midnight Clear - PG, gen
The Doctor is dead, long live the Doctor.

State Of Grace - PG-13, gen.
Kara has a secret. (crossover with Battlestar Galactica)

The Sanctity Of Ordinary Things - PG, gen
Jamie lived.

Lovers, 'Tis Almost Fairy-Time - PG-13, gen UST, drama
Rose is searching for the meaning of love. The Doctor just wants to sit down with a good book.

Children of the Revolution - PG, gen, humour
In which Rose gets a fright, Jack accidentally gets married and the Doctor meets a familiar curly-headed lunatic.

After Ever Happily - PG-13, gen.
At the end of the story, there's the Doctor.

Effects - R, gen, drama
The Doctor delivers a gift.

Flowers For The Doctor - PG, romance.
Rose gets on with her life. The Doctor gets on with his.

These two fics are largely fanon-based; for more about the Doctor's university days I recommend the LJ comm prydonianfic.

The Bell Jar - PG-13, gen, humour
Theta Sigma and the pursuit of science.

Sentimentality - PG, gen.
Theta Sigma and the rebel yell.

Things To Remember - PG-13, slash.
Theta Sigma and the end of all things.