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"So... the Stargate can go other places."
- Colonel Jack O'Neill, Children of the Gods

Fanfiction - a User's Guide - so, what is fanfiction? Courtesy of the Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Earth Edition.

 my friends, their websites and some pithy description

Effulgent Eclectivity
"My fic! M*A*S*H, Buffy, Angel, Smallville, Harry Potter, Stargate, etc." -Am Chau Yarkona.

Hathor's Empire
"Fanfiction; Stargate, Lord Of The Rings, X-Men, Harry Potter, Dead Like Me and whatever else my brain spews out." -Hathor.

Finishing The Hat
"Gen and slash fanfiction for M*A*S*H, Band of Brothers, Les Miserables, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Regeneration, and Law & Order. Also recs in these and other fandoms, eventually." -Epigone.

A Priest In Korea
"It's all about the Mulcahyfic..." -iolanthe.

"Multi-fandom site with my vids, fanart, fic and icons. Also lots and lots of fic and vid recs." -Ash.

auburn crimson
"Writing (fanfiction and original)." -Mieko.

Lux Fanfiction
"Slash, mainly, with some recs - Good Omens, Harry Potter, Sandman." -Louise Lux.

The Shire Slash
A LOTRips archive, also including my own stories and my icons. Mainly Billy/Dom for now, but I'm getting addicted to new pairings everyday." -Maddy.

The West Wing, CSI, Law & Order, M*A*S*H, and various other fandoms. Mostly slash. Large recs page." -Tobias Charity.

"My various fannish projects." -Pam.

And I like Sarah too much to leave her out, despite the fact hers is a fanfiction.net profile.

Other stuff:

Harry Potter

Fiction Alley - a deservedly well-known HP fandom website. Features four archives and the message board, FictionAlley Park. I'm a Niffler over there. No longer. My time is up.

The Sirius/Remus Fuh-Q-Fest - because theirloveissocanon. The second wave hasn't yet begun, but the first wave features good Sirius/Remus stories, including one of my own - Making Moony Laugh.

Veil of Possibilities - a clever, inventive, post-OotP Sirius/Remus challenge. Difficult to explain, so go and see.

[info]glitterverse - a wonderful Harry Potter RPG, based on Fairy Boys by B. I play [info]glitter_remus, Remus Lupin when he was fifteen, extremely snarky and so deep in the closet it will eventually take Sirius to drag him out of it again.


The mash-slash list - original and best. The fandom's grown visibly while I've been in it, but even in the days of almost non-existence, the list was the place to be.

The M*A*S*H Slash Archive (the stories that didn't make it home to dad) - relatively new, but already filling up with stories. Maintained by the lovely Britt Rose.

As Us Butch Guys Say At The Front - a repository for slashy M*A*S*H quotes, run by MK and Leigh. Wonderful way to waste a week.

The M*A*S*H Slash Awards - run by myself, Tobias Charity and Epigone. Now concluded, with lots of good fic.