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of delight and uncertainty
by Raven

PG-13, het, Lily/James. James likes Lily. Maybe not as much as he likes Quidditch. She might like him, too - but unfortunately, Sirius, Remus and Peter have got it in their heads to be helpful. The Slytherins are less than amused by proceedings. Complications ensue. With grateful thanks to Pirate Perian for the thorough beta, to Hathor for the loan of her personality, and to Leigh, Tory and Meredith for the ideas.

The retelling of some events that did take place at Hogwarts’ School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the summer of the year nineteen seventy-six, Anno Domini.

Chapter One - in which we meet four boys (and a girl).

Chaper Two - in which Moony learns to fly.

Chapter Three - in which there is an excess of Christmas spirit.

Chapter Four - in which something smells very fishy.

Chapter Five - in which hell hath no fury like luminous paint.

Chapter Six - in which Liverpudlian Muggles are retarded and fiendish.

Chapter Seven - in which it is not Friday.

Chapter Eight - in which all the best Chasers are girls.

Chapter Nine - in which it pays to have read Quidditch Through The Ages.

Chapter Ten - in which it doesn't matter what it is, just stop doing it.

Epilogue - some time later.


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