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crossover fiction
sometimes one fandom ain't enough

"This isn't happening, this is nuts, this isn't happening, this is nuts..."
- Daniel Jackson, There But For the Grace of God

Some of these stories are not true crossovers; I have a tendency to make SG-1 watch excessive amounts of television. However, most of them are the real thing, and are also listed beneath the relevant fandoms.

Sleeping With Ghosts - PG, slash, Harry Potter, Stargate SG-1, Discworld, His Dark Materials and Good Omens
The title track; a multi-fandom mini-epic about one night in the lives of many characters.

Momentary Seizure of Love - PG, gen, HP/BtVS/Velvet Goldmine/Good Omens/Stargate SG-1/Doctor Who/Life On Mars (ohgod).
They're all under arrest.

Shelter From The Storm - PG, slash, Doctor Who, Harry Potter
The first time for Remus is not the first time for the Doctor.

Out Of Africa - PG, gen, Doctor Who, Stargate SG-1
Daniel and the Doctor.

State Of Grace - PG, gen, Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica.
Kara has a secret.

Who Watches The Watchers? - G, gen, humour. Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Good Omens, Buffy
It's a lovely day for a picnic in the park. Co-written with Am-Chau.

The Net Result - PG, gen, Buffy, Thursday Next
A man named Spike visits Giles.

Minimal Grounds For Disaster - PG-13, het, Harry Potter, Discworld
Remus Lupin is having a bad day. He's a werewolf, a wizard, and he's just been arrested by the Ankh-Morpork City Watch. Things can only get worse.

A Most Unusual Family - R, slash, Harry Potter, Discworld
Co-written with Am-Chau. Being a Fanfic of most Wonderous and Strange kind; in which may be Found a Tale of such High Adventures as are Fitting and Proper to Wizards, Wizzards, and Witches.

Learned Whores - R, slash, Harry Potter, Stargate SG-1
Daniel Jackson and Remus Lupin need to earn some money. They take an unlikely but obvious route. This story is entirely by Am-Chau, but was written for me, so I don't feel (that) guilty about including it here.

Unexpected -  PG-13, pre-slash, Stargate SG-1, Star Trek: Enterprise
SG-1 watch Star Trek, eat pizza, play mind games and generally kill time before a mission.

Surreal - PG-13, gen, M*A*S*H, Stargate SG-1
Incredibly silly snippet, written for Sarah, who wanted SG-1 to end up at the 4077th.

In The Garden - G, het, Good Omens, His Dark Materials
For Daegaer. Aziraphale tries to recapture the past.

Conversation - PG, gen.
Originally written for Hathor. Daniel and Jack are bored. Somehow related to A Most Unusual Family.