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 sleeping with ghosts
it seems it's written

 "There's a great awful bird in the fridge!"
 - Mrs Jones, Tales of Arabel's Raven


Sleeping With Ghosts - the title track and the story that defied categorisation.

Life, like fanfiction, appears to be a mixture of comedy and angst. The stories reflect life inasmuch as they are also a mixture of comedy and angst; other than that, they're all made up. Honestly.

I'm Raven. I write a bit. You can email me at loneraven[at]livejournal[dot]com. Feedback is good.


February 4th, 2007

Yeah, okay, a year between updates, I'm rubbish. But look, I have finally updated! And with a year's worth of stories! Two Life On Mars, four Doctor Who, five Harry Potter, one Supernatural, two X-Files and two crossover stories.  


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