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Twenty Random Things About Sirius And Remus
by Raven

PG-13, slash, Sirius/Remus. Self-explanatory.

1. On the night when they first met, Sirius found himself confiding to Remus that heíd thought heíd be a Slytherin.

Remus said, ďI thought I would be, too,Ē and it wasnít for a year afterwards that Sirius found out why.

2. Siriusís favourite colours are red and gold, for bright and obvious reasons. Remus thinks theyíre too bright and too obvious; he likes the in between shades, the grey. Whenever the four of them went swimming in the lake on summer nights, he always dived into the blackest water, always watched for the way the waning moon shone silver in the drips from his hair.

3. Remusís first girlfriend was the other Gryffindor prefect, Lily Evans. James hated Remus for that, while Sirius hated Lily, and neither of them were exactly sure why.

4. James caught on long before Sirius did.

5. They broke it off eventually, but Remus sends Lily a bunch of wildflowers on her birthday every year. For the last fifteen years, heís had to carry them to Godricís Hollow.

6. The first time Sirius flew the motorbike, he hit the Whomping Willow and it hit him back. Remus is the only person who knows about that.

7. When Sirius got the gold off his Uncle Alphard, he and Remus spent the day in London hunting down a flat. He doesnít remember when exactly it got decided that Remus was moving in too, but he does remember that their hands met over the keys, and it felt right.

8. Remus is half-blood. Sirius has tasted Remusís blood, soaking through fur and clotting on snow, and the strong, salty richness is nothing like semi-skimmed milk, so he thinks itís all bollocks, really.

9. Remus occasionally drinks hot chocolate instead of eating, because itís cheaper. Watching him do this hurts Sirius much more than he ever lets on.

10. Sirius hasnít bothered telling his parents anything for years. When Remus gets an antique silver snuffbox anonymously in the post, he merely puts it to one side and remarks that some old myths will persist through anything. Sirius doesnít think itís funny. That night, elsewhere in London, he smashes his fist into Regulusís nose and it hurts, because it doesnít make anything better.

11. Remusís Patronus is a big, ungainly dog, and Siriusís is a wolf. Itís an accidental juxtaposition, Remus says; a sentimental, silly accident. But years later when they face Voldemort again, neither has changed, and it gives them strength.

12. Even after leaving school, Remus still sits up to all hours of the night reading and eating Muggle breakfast cereal straight out of the box. Sirius finds this endearing, at least when there arenít bran flakes lurking in his slippers.

13. James is convinced that Remus is going to be teaching Harry some day, and Sirius goes around calling him Professor Lupin until Remus begs him to stop; given the particular status of their relationship, he explains, itís actually very creepy.

14. Harry learns to say mama and dada and Moony; everything else has too many difficult consonants. Undaunted, Sirius decides to change his name by deed poll to ďbuh-buh-buh.Ē

15. Remus stops him in time by threatening to change his own name to Herodotus Aristophanes Remus John Lennon Lupin.

16. Their flat is usually a tip, because Sirius never cleans up and Remus doesnít have the time. One day Lily comes over with a vacuum cleaner and shakes it threateningly at them both. Remus bursts out laughing, and Sirius realises all at once that he hasnít heard that sound in a long time.

17. Sirius is used to having money. Remus is used to getting by without any. This means that when shopping together, theyíre very good at buying presents people will like. On Peterís birthday, they get him a large world map with pins for everywhere he wants to visit when the war is over.

18. On Christmas Eve, 1980, Remus sings the Coventry Carol to get Harry to sleep. Sirius stands in the doorway and listens, remembering nights of snow and stars at Hogwarts. In a rocking chair with the baby, Remus doesnít know he's there.

19. Sirius realises in early October that they have nothing left to say to each other.

20. In 1996, Lilyís birthday falls on a Thursday. Remus lets Padfoot carry the flowers in his mouth, and they sit on a grassy mound in the graveyard, dog and man, in perfect silence. Itís the only time they are ever there together.

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