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m*a*s*h fiction
as us butch guys say at the front

"Anger turned inward is depression.  Anger turned sideways is Hawkeye."
- Sidney Freedman, Dear Sigmund 

Korea, 1950, a hundred years ago. Hawkeye likes poker, drinking and girls. And Trapper.

[Chemistry, Homecoming, Sleeping Beauty, Closet, Hallelujah and Shattering Glass won awards at the M*A*S*H slash awards 2004. I came second in the outstanding author category, which I find embarrassing in the extreme]

Chemistry - PG-13, slash, Hawkeye/Trapper [read with commentary]
The story of the still: how, why and by whom it was built, and how certain relationships were forged.

Kite - G, slash, Hawkeye/Trapper
Originally a Boozefest entry. One drunken night in the Swamp.

Here Is Gone - PG, slash, Hawkeye/Trapper
Sleep-deprivation; or, another drunken night in the Swamp.

Homecoming - PG-13, gen [read with commentary]
Hawkeye comes home, through the eyes of Daniel Pierce.

Sleeping Beauty - PG, pre-slash
A brief fairy tale; Sidney arrives at the 4077th to find the handsome prince is non-existent and the beautiful princess appears to be Hawkeye.

Shattering Glass - R, slash, non-con
Hawkeye is blackmailed; Flagg knows how to keep a secret.

Hopelessly Entwined - PG-13, slash, Hawkeye/Trapper
A look at the reluctant end of a relationship, and why there's too much at stake in Korea in 1950.

Missing Hawk - G, gen
In the days after the war, BJ has somehow managed to lose Hawkeye.

Scent - PG, slash, Hawkeye/Trapper
How Hawkeye and Trapper met, and what happened after that.

Storm - PG, slash, Hawkeye/Trapper
Radar just happens to know a few things. So does Mulcahy. Hawkeye's sense of humour is somewhat unpredictable. So is a yo-yo.

Snow - G, pre-slash.
It's snowing, but Radar is out delivering letters. Hawkeye has the flu.

Closet - PG, gen
Years before Korea, Carlye Breslin finds Hawkeye in a closet, and decides she can solve all his problems.

Hallelujah - PG, pre-slash
Mulcahy is in search of answers; Hawkeye may or may not have them. There is something afoot that neither of them quite understands.

Autumn - PG, slash, Hawkeye/BJ
After the war, Erin tells BJ to go back in search of Hawkeye.

Surreal - PG-13, gen, crossover (M*A*S*H/Stargate SG-1)
Incredibly silly snippet, written for Sarah, who wanted SG-1 to end up at the 4077th.