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"It's rather poetic... in a maudlin sort of way."
Rupert Giles, Out of Mind, Out of Sight

The idea of doing commentaries on stories probably originated with a LiveJournal meme in January 2004. The original blurb went as follows:

"If you've ever watched your favorite DVDs, and then found yourself eager to hear exactly what the actors, directors, writers and even production designers thought about making the episode, the movie, or whatever - you'll know sometimes the best parts of DVDs are hearing the commentaries. Getting into an actor's feelings about the character they play, getting the background behind a writer's plans and metaphors, even just getting the stupid anecdotal stuff that makes you laugh, it's all good."

And that's basically it. The commentaries are the "making of" process of a fic, and they are fun to write and (probably) fun to read, although I sometimes feel rather narcisstic for doing them. Most of the commentaries posted here were originally written for posting into LiveJournal, and some of the remarks I have made may be out-of-context. Having said all that, back to the stories.